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San Diego Museum of Art – San Diego, California

San Diego Museum of Art - San Diego, California To go right along with the beauty of the city of San Diego is the fabulous Sand Diego Museum of Art. The region’s primary resource for exhibitions and collections of fine art for more than 80 years! … [Read more...]

Maritime Museum of San Diego – San Diego, California

Maritime Museum of San Diego - San Diego, California The museum is known worldwide for it’s excellence in restoring, maintaining and operating historic vessels. It holds one of the world’s oldest active ships, the Star of India. Maritime history … [Read more...]

Borrego Desert Hiking – Borrego Springs, California

Borrego Desert Hiking - Borrego Springs, California The opportunity to see the art from the Native Americans of the Ariza-Borrego Desert, the Cahuilla, Cupeno, Diegueno, and Kumeyaay you really need to spend some time in the desert. There is artwork … [Read more...]

California Wine Trails

There are thousands of wineries in California, way too many to list individually so I have asked the owners of a great site - to allow me to place their site in conjunction with ours to provide you with a wide range of places to … [Read more...]

San Diego Zoo, San Diego CA

The world famous San Diego Zoo is a must for any Southern California adventure! The Zoo is located in Balboa Park in beautiful San Diego. The Zoo is 100 acres and is home to 4,000 animals and has a botanical collection with more than 700,000 exotic … [Read more...]

Balboa Park, San Diego, CA

Balboa Park is a unique and fantastic cultural playground. Located in the heart of San Diego, this amazing piece of urban property is home to gorgeous gardens, performaning arts venues, 15 major museums, and the San Diego Zoo. … [Read more...]

Mission Santa Barbara

California is well known for the string of missions that were built in the 1780s by the Franciscan monks in the area with the purpose of bringing Christianity to the local Chumash Indians. Mission Santa Barbara is no exception. It is the tenth mission and … [Read more...]

Best of California Surf Doggies

IMPERIAL BEACH–Rolo didn't pay much attention to the throng cheering him on as he sat on the surfboard, waiting for just the right wave.When it came, the Pomeranian-sheltie mix stood on all four legs and rode the swell like a pro, relishing the spray of … [Read more...]