The Carson Mansion – Eureka, California

carson mansion.jpgThe Carson Mansion – Eureka, California

This is one of the most photographed Victorian houses in California. Its eclectic design shows a peculiarly American style in architecture. Designed by Samuel and Joseph Newsom, architects from San Francisco, this unique structure truly shows how the vision for something different and yet beautiful came into play in the design. The mansion stands today in virtually the same condition as when first constructed.

There are art works in sculpture gardens that are admired for their originality and design, this mansion is truly a piece of sculpture to please the eye and stimulate the senses. Eye-seeking and shadow producing surfaces showcase the use of wood as a building material. This three dimensional “pattern-book” was a construction masterpiece taking over 100 men more than 2 years to construct. The use of redwood in the mansion and white mahogany from Central America, onyx from the Philippines, East India, and Mexico give it the depth and uniqueness that have been viewed, admired and photographed by thousands. Those attributes are primarily on the exterior of the home, the interior has a story of its own with the stained glass, plasterwork of true artisans and the carved ornaments in exotic woods.

The Carson Mansion was sold, by William Carson’s descendents, in 1950 to the Ingomar Club.

Location: 143 M Street, Eureka, California

There are NO private tours of the club.

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